Shofar and Menorah

Close-up showing dual shofarot matching curvature of menorah.
In the centuries after the destruction of the Second Temple, many early synagogues had mosaics depicting the Temple and its ritual elements. These included the menorah and shofar.

The mosaic at  the Samaritan synagogue at el-Khirbe has a graphically interesting device of a pair of shofarot matching the curving arms of the menorah.

The curve is echoed in the drawn curtains of the ark.

The paired shofarot and menorah is worth emulating in a modern Hanukah menorah.

What are the bands around the horns?
Overall View of Mosaic

Illustrations from http://hamblinofjerusalem.blogspot.com/2010/01/temple-mosaics-from-el-khirbe-synagogue.html.

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