Beyond time and Beyond Space

"Inspired by the special Torah reading for Rosh Hashanah about the Akeida (Binding of Isaac).
The ram that was sacrificed in place of Isaac was a special creature designated at the time of Creation. From it was made one horn or shofar that was heard at Mount Sinai. The second horn will be heard at the advent of the Messiah."

The artist has captured the essence of the vibration that fills space and time yet is a mystery, beyond time and beyond space. The blue and yellow bands curl like the horns of a ram and are emitting sound waves.

Text of caption and image by Dov Lederberg, Israel. All Rights Reserved. From http://www.art.net/~vision/dov2g.htm 2013-02-04. Mixed material on canvas. Reproduced by permission of the artist.

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