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When is guitar is more important than shofar?

"He who saves a single life, saves the entire world." says Talmud. So a guitar that saves lives can be more important than shofar.
I am thinking about this after passing through the Nashville airport. With five hours before my flight and lots of work to do, I bought a pass to the American Airline Admirals' Club and set to work. Hanging from a wall was a guitar with signatures of many music industry notables.
The steward in the club explained that Nashville is the Music City, and he asks industry notables visiting the club to sign the guitar. He also sells raffle tickets with chances to win the guitar, with all proceeds going to UNICEF, the international aid organization working for the welfare of children. The drawing will be held in December.
I, of course, purchased tickets. Then, realizing that my writing and teaching shofar also made me a music celebrity. My signature has now been added to the neck of the instrument.
The steward has sent me the following email:
Dear Mr. Chusid,
Thank you so much for lending your autograph to our fundraiser guitar and for your very generous donation to the neediest children of the world.  Through UNICEF your donation will go a long way to help, as you may know every 06 cents provides a sachet of oral re-hydration salts to help children combat dehydration, a common and deadly - but easily preventable - threat to a child's life, 10 cents immunizes a child against diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough and 60 cents provides a packet of high energy biscuits, specially developed for malnourished children in emergency situations.
In 2010 I had the chance to visit Belize with other UNICEF Champions for Children and see the lifesaving difference that your donations make for children.  I saw first-hand the UNICEF-supported model programs in the country, such as the early child development program "Roving Care Givers", the "Baby Safe Hospitals" and the "Adolescent Friendly Spaces" after school programs.  We learned of the rich culture and history of the Belizean people, their native customs, dance, and songs--music was played on the marimba, harp and other musical instruments that donations helped UNICEF provide, along with books, school supplies, computers and separate latrines for girls and boys.
My written words can't begin to convey my emotions about these children and their future, I am more proud to be a "Champion for Children" than ever.
Again, thank you for your very generous donation and your support of the Children.
Very Sincerely, 
Terrell Lee Kohn
I urge you to save the world, too. Contact UNICEF at to learn more or make a donation.

Or support Mr. Kohn's effort directly by mailing checks to;
American Airlines
C/O Terrell Lee Kohn
Champion for Children
#1 Terminal Drive
Nashville, TN. 37214
Make sure payable to "US Fund for UNICEF". Your contribution will receive one raffle ticket per dollar donated. Raffle tickets will be made in the name on the Check. The raffle will be held in mid-December again this year.

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  1. Mr. Chusid,

    Wow, what Great Thoughts & Words, your article has touched my heart and again reinvigorated my commitment to the Children as they are the future of the world. Thank you very much for taking ownership of the fundraiser and making such a difference in so many lives.

    I once heard, "No Man Stands as Tall as He Who Stoops to Help a Child" ~ John Schneider - ~

    May G-D Bless & Keep you Mr. Chusid.

    Yes, anyone can participate in the Unicef Guitar Fundraiser Raffle.

    Please mail checks to;
    American Airlines
    C/O Terrell Lee Kohn
    Champion for Children
    #1 Terminal Drive
    Nashville, TN. 37214

    Make sure checks are made payable to "US Fund for UNICEF"
    and I will gladly place tickets into our raffle, 1 ticket per dollar donated. Raffle tickets will be made in the name on the Check.

    We will hold our raffle in mid December again this year.

    Thank you again for lending your autograph to the Unicef Fundraiser Guitar and for your interest in the cause to help the neediest children of the world.

    Sincerely yours,
    Terrell Lee Kohn
    Champion for Children

    " I Can Do Nothing, We Can Do Anything "
    ~ Terrell ~

    CC Kitty Hardesty - Champion for Children
    CC Krista Schmidt - UNICEF US Fund


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